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News items - August 2012

.NI second level launched (Nicaragua)

Nicaragua has announced that it is now possible to register second level .NI domains (ex. As opposed to most other recent TLD liberalisations, Nicaragua opted for an immediately release, without grandfathering or sunrise periods.
.NI domain names are available immediately on a first come, first served basis.

Tunisia introduces .TUNIS IDN

Tunisia has initiated the launch process of its IDN extension .تونس (.tunis). The sunrise period opened June 1st and will end September 28th 2012.
The TLD will be restricted to local companies and foreign trademark holders. The domain string must be written with Arabic characters. If you apply on the basis of a trademark or company name, the original IP right must be registered in Arabic as well.

Uruguay: .UY second level liberalisation

Following a July 2012 grandfathering operation, the Uruguayan registry has announced the launch of second level domain name registrations directly under .UY.
The .UY TLD is unrestricted.

.IT IDNs can now be registered

It is now possible to register .IT domain names with non-ASCII characters such as a, â, ä, e, é, e, ë, i, î, i, o, ô, ö, ß, u, u, ü, a, o, ç and y. Local presence within Europe is required. Companies outside Europe can register via Web Solutions' Trustee service for .IT domains.
If you would like to register one or more domains, contact us at

Iraq takes control of .IQ - 2012 launch?

Iraqs Communications and Media Commission has assumed administrative and technical control of the .IQ ccTLD.
New policies for .IQ are expected to be announced during the second half of 2012. An actual registration process may also begin as early as this year.
If you would like to pre-register IQ domains free of charge with Web Solutions, simply email us at